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Name:Elena Gilbert
A tragedy happened and it left myself and my brother living with our aunt. She's an amazing woman and still learning. A lot has happened since then and even more since a mysterious new boy showed up here in Mystic Falls. His name... Stefan Salvatore.

And he's amazing... He's also mine.

Now to the present day more has happened. I'm... not exactly human anymore. Nor am I with Stefan. I'm actually in a relationship with Damon. Before you ask, no, I'm nothing like her. I will never be like her. I just... I'm doing the one thing I'm not sure I can do. I'm trying to be normal.

[Elena belongs to LJ Smith and is from the tv series Vampire Diaries. Nina owns herself or so I'd hope. Also this is more tv canon than book canon. Though book canon might be incorporated at some point. Depends on the mood of the mun. More about her can be found here. Mun and muse 18+]
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